Pastor JenkinsTo date, as our exponential growth has forced us to consider expansion, and this commitment has taken into account the broad needs of the community at large, leading us to subscribe to a complex model reflective of church, commerce, and community. Our goal is to create a holistic oasis providing spiritual empowerment while promoting economic empowerment, and personal development.

FMBC Background
Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church is a nearly fifty-eight (58) year old institution and community of faith. Founder by Reverend Clay Evans and located at 4543 S. Princeton Avenue in the Fuller Park community of Chicago, the Church became a cornerstone in the city during the civil rights era when it welcomed civil rights activists to visit the church.

In 1966, the church became an international symbol of commitment to social justice when Reverend Evans, invited Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to address his congregation despite opposition from the Chicago’s former Mayor. This act of defiance had immediate consequences. Fellowship was building a new church, but construction workers walked off the job and the bank pulled its loan. For seven years, the stark steel frame of the uncompleted sanctuary stood as a monument to commitment and social consciousness. Under the leadership of Reverend Evans, Fellowship gained an impeccable reputation for social involvement, political activism and stellar spiritual leadership, with outreach programs that impacted the congregation, the community and the city. Additionally, Reverend Jesse Jackson was an associate pastor, and he oversaw the development of Operation Bread Basket which ultimately became Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. Early weekly meetings of Operation Bread Basket were held here.

New Beginnings
At the end of the 20th century, Reverend Evans retired and passed his mantle to a dynamic young visionary, Reverend Charles Jenkins, who has shepherded his flock into the new millennium. Under the guidance of Reverend Jenkins, Fellowship has welcomed over 7,000 new parishioners and implemented new ministries and new programs. Revenues have increased dramatically and the church is alive and well. But the Fellowship family is not satisfied with the status quo! The mission now is to effectively minister to the masses with a project that brings spiritual, physical and financial health to the community. The implementation of new mission is made possible by the church’s explosive growth and quest to effectively minister to the masses has forced them to embrace the idea of “Expansion”. Fellowship is so well-regarded and attended that there are four (4) worships services every Sunday. Under the leadership of their bold and dynamic visionary Pastor Charles Jenkins they have moved into a season of planning, strategizing, and fundraising to achieve the financial goals for expansion.

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