It has been said that the world is full of people wanting to make a profit. But what the world desperately needs are people wanting to make a difference. FEED is about no limits, no borders and no boundaries. An open door to change millions of lives through programming focused on outcomes.

F.E.E.D. is organized around four programmatic areas. Education and Mentoring, Economic Development, Health & Wellness and Nutrition.

Our Educational and Mentoring program is designed to equip students with the academic skills, personal resiliency and community support to attain the certification necessary to compete in a global market place. Certification could mean graduating from elementary school, high school, community college, university, GED program or a specialized trade school.

Maximum Exposure, GED. Fellowship ASM, Congo Square Theater, Summer Enrichment are the current programsn that fall under education and mentoring umbrella.

FEED’s Economic Development program is designed to circulate dollars in challenged communities.

FEED’s Nutrition Program is designed to provide meals, clothing and food to individuals and families while building relationships that lead to long term solutions and a more stable future. The Community Table and Clothing & Food Panty are current programs.

FEED is launching Positive Air Chicago, an initiative focused on communities across the city to support efforts to elevate public safety, stimulate economic opportunity, and create healthier neighborhoods.

Our Goals:

Elevate Public Safety

Work to rebuild relationships and create new alliances between law enforcement, local legislators, authority figures and community residents and reclaim their neighborhoods

Stimulate Economic

Create a culture of growth and employability by serving as a resource for job preparation, employment and training for at risk youth and under qualified community residents or returning citizens

Create Healthier Neighborhoods

Create opportunities to bring families together to learn, grow, and contribute.

Serve as a resource to connect or provide trauma informed care and restorative justice support for children, youth and young adults exposed to violence of all kinds


The leadership has been critical to the development of the community and your new plans have the potential to bring much-needed growth to the area. I applaud the goals of FEED to unite business and the community groups for the benefit of all our residents. Working together, we can make Chicago an even better place to live, work and raise families.” – Mayor Richard Daley, City of Chicago

I fully support the revitalization in the 21st Ward. In order for communities to maintain a sense of safety and value, we must work diligently to retain businesses and create additional economic opportunities for the people living in urban communities. It will create a number of jobs for youth and adults of all ages, summer enrichment programs for at-risk youth, training and educational programs for ex-offenders, rehabilitation programs, and an open-door policy for anyone interested in the betterment of their community.” – Laurent Attal, President/CEO L’Oreal USA

Far more than a real estate transaction. It will be an investment in energizing a vision that will make a positive diffrence in the city of Chicago.” – Joseph M. Stowell, Cornerstone University